The Surprise! litter

Jackson x Freedom Litter Pedigree

7 Babies Born September 24th, 2011. 4 Boys & 3 girls.
This litter produced some wonderful looking puppies! With pleaseing temperments, sound structure and sweet, easy going babies! Was very happy with this combo and will probably repeat it in the future!

Here they are!
DoubleTakes Not Quite A Subtle Surprise "Tank"  Camo Boy
DoubleTakes  Surprise Gift to GoldSky "Zelda" Purple Girl
DoubleTakes------------ Blue Girl
DoubleTakes Surprise Oscar  "The Duke"
DoubleTakes ----------   Pink Girl
DoubleTakes----------- Brown Boy
DoubleTakes------------ Grey Boy

The Surprise Litter! ~more Photos to Come~

On the Run!

So cute!

Mama Freedom Nursing..

And then she plays with them! What a good first time mommy!